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Vol.9 Sistema Dopaminérgico y Trastornos Psiquiátricos

Vol.10 Staging Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Implications for Etiopathogenesis and Treatment

June 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4614-7263-6

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Vol.10 Staging Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Implications for Etiopathogenesis and Treatment

Vol.10 Staging Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Implications for Etiopathogenesis and Treatment

June 2013

Editors: Tomás Palomo, Richard J. Beninger, Richard M. Kostrzewa

Publisher: Springer Science + Business Media, LLC, 233 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013, USA

ISBN: 978-1-4614-7263-6

Pages: 433

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Also found within the publication, are contributions presented at the meeting held in Mojácar in 2009.

Table of contents

Part I Clinical Staging in the Pathophysiology of Psychotic and Affective Disorders: Facilitation of Prognosis and Treatment

  • Regional Differences in the Action of Antipsychotic Drugs: Implications for Cognitive Effects in Schizophrenic Patients
    Richard J. Beninger, Tyson W. Baker, Matthew M. Florczynski and Tomek J. Banasikowski
  • Staging in Neuropsychiatry: A Heuristic Model for Understanding, Prevention and Treatment
    Patrick D. McGorry
  • Brain Imaging in Early Stages of Psychosis: From the at Risk Mental State to First Episode
    Philip McGuire
  • Mechanisms of Illness Progression in the Recurrent Affective Disorders
    Robert M. Post
  • Neurocognitive Indicators of Clinical High-Risk States for Psychosis: A Critical Review of the Evidence
    Ralf Pukrop and Joachim Klosterkötter
  • Apathy in Neuropsychiatric Disease: Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and Treatment
    Thomas N. Chase
  • Staging Bipolar Disorder
    Eduard Vieta, M. Reinares and A.R. Rosa
  • Inflammatory Biomarkers and Depression
    Norbert Müller, Aye-Mu Myint and Markus J. Schwarz
  • Does Higher Potency of Cannabis Mean Higher Risk for Psychosis?
    Marta Di Forti, Alessandra Paparelli, Paola Casadio and Robin M. Murray
  • 5-HT2A Polymorphisms and Negative Symptoms Response to Antipsychotic Treatment: Evidence of Association in First Episode Psychosis Patients
    Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Maria Jesús Arranz, Ignacio Mata, Javier Vázquez- Bourgon, Rocío Pérez-Iglesias, Laura Medina-González, José María Pelayo- Terán, Eugenio Carrasco-Marín, José Luis Vázquez-Barquero
  • Staging of Cognitive Impairment, Incidence of Dementia, and Mortality Risk: Preliminary Results with a Simply Method Based on the Mini Mental Status Examination
    Antonio Lobo, Raúl López-Antón, Concepción de-La Cámara, Miguel Ángel Quintanilla, Antonio Campayo, Javier Santabarbara, Tirso Ventura, Andrés Martín, Pedro Saz, and Guillermo Marcos
  • Circadian Rhythms in the Physiopathology of Depression: A New Opportunity of Therapeutic Approach
    Cecilio Álamo and Francisco López-Muñoz

Part II Staging Perspectives in Neurodevelopmental Aspects of Neuropsychiatry: Agents, Phases and Ages at Expression

  • Adolescent Maturation of Cortical Dopamine
    Patricio O´Donnell
  • Amyloid-b Precursor Protein Induces Glial Differentiation of Neural Progenitor Cells by Activation of the IL-6/gp130 Signaling Pathway
    Young-Don Kwak, Elise Dantuma, Stephanie Merchant, Sergey Bushnev  and Kiminobu Sugaya
  • Stereotypic Progressions in Psychotic Behavior
    Richard M. Kostrzewa, John P. Kostrzewa, Rose Anna Kostrzewa, Florence P. Kostrzewa, Ryszard Brus, Przemyslaw Nowak
  • Diabetes Type II: A Risk Factor for Depression–Parkinson–Alzheimer?
    Peter Riederer, Jasmin Bartl, Gerd Laux, Edna Grünblatt
  • Progression of Atrophy in Alzheimer’s disease and Related Disorders
    Jennifer L. Whitwell
  • Neurodevelopment and Learning in Adolescence: Relevance to Staging of psychiatric disorders
    David Sturman and Bita Moghaddam
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment: A 5-Year Follow-Up and Imaging Study
    J.A. Lonie, U.G. Kalu, C.E. Sexton, C.E. Mackay, M. Bastin, E. Terriére, R.E. O’Carroll, K.P. Ebmeier
  • The Neural Circuitry of Autism
    Aysenil Belger, Kimberly L. H. Carpenter, Gunes Yucel, and Katherine M. Cleary

Part III Epigenetics and Biomarkers in the Staging of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  • Dopamine System Dysregulation by the Ventral Subiculum as the Common Pathophysiological Basis for Schizophrenia Psychosis, Psychostimulant Abuse, and Stress
    Anthony A. Grace
  • Persistence of Long-Term Memory Storage: New Insights into its Molecular Signatures in the Hippocampus and Related Structures
    Pedro Bekinschtein, Cynthia Katche, Leandro Slipczuk, Carolina Gonzalez, Guido Dorman, Martín Cammarota, Iván Izquierdo, Jorge H. Medina
  • Epigenetically Regulated Imprinted Genes and Foetal Programming
    Eric B. Keverne
  • Regulation of AMPA Receptor Trafficking in the Nucleus Accumbens By Dopamine and Cocaine
    Marina E. Wolf
  • Inhibition of Actin Polymerization Prevents Cocaine-induced Changes in Spine Morphology in the Nucleus Accumbens
    Shigenobu Toda, Haowei Shen, Peter W. Kalivas
  • Decision-Making, Behavioral Supervision and Learning: An Executive Role for the Ventral Premotor Cortex?
    C. Acuña, J.L. Pardo-Vázquez, V. Leborán
  • Antipsychotic Induced Changes in Striatal D2 Receptors in Schizophrenia: in Vivo Evidence from Dopamine Depletion Studies
    Anissa Abi-Dargham, Larry Kegeles, Mark Slifstein and Marc Laruelle
  • The ANKK1 Protein Associated with Addictions has Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Localization and Shows a Differential Response of Ala239Thr to Apomorphine
    E. Garrido, T. Palomo, G. Ponce, I. García-Consuegra, M. A. Jiménez-Arriero, and J. Hoenicka
  • Synaptic and Nuclear Localizations of the G Protein-Coupled Receptor GPR88
    Renaud Massart, Jorge Diaz, and Pierre Sokoloff

Part IV Staging Neurodegenerative Disorders: Structural, Regional, Biomarker, and Functional Progressions

  • Cortical and Sub-Cortical Effects in Primate Models of Cocaine Use: Implications for Addiction and the Increased Risk of Psychiatric Illness
    Charles W. Bradberry
  • Critical Age Windows for Neurodevelopmental Psychiatric Disorders: Evidence from Animal Models
    Eva M. Marco, Simone  Macrí, Giovanni Laviola
  • Immaturities in Incentive Processing and Executive Function in Adolescence
    Charles Geier, Aarthi Padmanabhan, and Beatriz Luna
  • Alpha-Synucleinopathy and Neuropsychological Symptoms in a Population- Based Cohort of the Elderly
    J. Zaccai, C. Brayne, F.E. Matthews, P.G. Ince

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