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A Practice Primer

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May 2019


Vol.9 Sistema Dopaminérgico y Trastornos Psiquiátricos

Vol.10 Staging Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Implications for Etiopathogenesis and Treatment

June 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4614-7263-6

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XIII Intensive Theoretical-Practical Course of update in Electroconvulsive Therapy

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June, 20th-21th 2014

"Relevance of Staging Psychotic disorders as a Paradigm-shift for understanding disease progression and stage-dependent treatment"

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Vol.7 Genes and Environment Interplay in Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Vol.7 Genes and Environment Interplay in Neuropsychiatric Disorders

December 2004

Editors: Tomás Palomo, Richard J. Beninger, Trevor Archer, Richard M. Kostrzewa

Publisher: Editorial CYM, General Oráa, 47, 28006 MADRID

ISBN: 84-934250-1-X

Pages: 575

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Also found within the publications are contributions presented at the meeting held in Mojácar in 2003.

Table of contents

Gene-Environment Interplay in Psychiatric Disorders

  1. Gene-Environment Interplay in Schizopsychotic Disorders. Tomas Palomo,Trevor Archer,Richard M.Kostrzewa and Richard J.Beninger
  2. Genes and Environment: Nosology and Psychiatry. Donald F.Klein and Jonathan Stewart
  3. Linkage Studies of Schizophrenia. Brien Riley
  4. Clinical Phenotypes Associated with DISC1,a Candidate Gene for Schizophrenia. D.H.R.Blackwood and W.J.Muir
  5. The Genetic Relationship of Personality to Major Depression and Schizophrenia Ayman H. Fanous and Kenneth S. Kendler
  6. Candidate Gene Studies of Antipsychotic Drug Efficacy and Drug-Induced Weight Gain. Anil K.Malhotra
  7. Calcium Binding Protein Markers of GABA Deficits in Schizophrenia - Postmortem Studies and Animal Models. Gavin Reynolds,Zuhal Abdul-Monim,Joanna C.Neill and Zhi-Jun Zhang
  8. Dopamine and Glutamate Dysfunctions in Schizophrenia: Role of the Dopamine D 3 Receptor. Ludovic Leriche,Jorge Diaz and Pierre Sokoloff
  9. Effect of Stress on Prefrontal Cortex Function. Bita Moghaddam and Mark Jackson
  10. Interactions of the mGluR5 Gene with Breeding and Maternal Factors on Startle and Prepulse Inhibition in Mice. Suzanne A.Brody and Mark A.Geyer
  11. The Role of Signaling Molecules in Reward-Related Incentive Learning. Richard J.Beninger and Todor V.Gerdjikov

Gene-Environment Interplay in Affect and Dementia

  1. Gene-Environment Interplay in Affect and Dementia:Emotional Modulation of Cognitive Expression in Personal Outcomes. T.Palomo, R.J.Beninger, R.M. Kostrzewa and T.Archer
  2. The Acquisition of Acquired Fear. Iván Izquierdo,Martín Cammarota,Mónica R.M.Vianna and Lía R.M.Bevilaqua
  3. Gene Expression During Memory Formation. Lionel Muller Igaz,Pedro Bekinschtein,Monica M.R.Vianna, Ivan Izquierdo and Jorge H.Medina
  4. Hippocampal Glutamate Receptors in Fear Memory Consolidation. Martín Cammarota,Lia R.M.Bevilaqua,Juliana S.Bonini, Janine I.Rossatto,Jorge H.Medina and I.Izquierdo
  5. Role of Endocannabinoid System in Mental Diseases. Jorge Manzanares,Leyre Urigüen,Gabriel Rubio and Tomás Palomo
  6. The Use of Alert Behaving Mice in the Study of Learning and Memory Processes. Antonio Rodríguez-Moreno,Eduardo Domínguez Del Toro, Elena Porras-García and José M.Delgado-García
  7. Plasticity at Hippocampal to Prefrontal Cortex Synapses is Impaired by Loss of Dopamine and Stress:Importance for Psychiatric Diseases. Thérèse M.Jay,Cyril Rocher,Maïté Hotte,Laurent Naudon,Hirac Gurden and Michael Spedding
  8. Environmentally Induced Long-Term Structural Changes:Cues for Functional Orientation and Vulnerabilities. M.F.Montaron,M.Koehl,V.Lemaire,E.Drapeau,D.N. Abrous and M.Le Moal

Gene-Environment Interplay in Alcoholism and other Substance Abuse Disorders

  1. Gene-Environment Interplay in Alcoholism and Other Substance Abuse Disorders:Expressions of Heritability and Factors Influencing Vulnerabilities. Tomas Palomo,R.M.Kostrzewa,R.J.Beninger,and T.Archer
  2. Functional Genomics Strategies to Identify Susceptibility Genes and Treatment Targets in Alcohol Dependence. Markus Heilig and Wolfgang Sommer
  3. DRD2 Taq IA Polymorphism is Associated with Urinary Homovanillic Acid Levels in a Sample of Spanish Male Alcoholic Patients. G.Ponce,J.Hoenicka,R.Rodríguez-Jiménez,A.Gozalo,M.Jimenéz,R.Monasor, M. Aragüés,G.Rubio,M.A.Jiménez-Arriero,J.A.Ramos and T.Palomo
  4. The Role of the Dopamine Transporter in Cocaine Abuse. Sari Izenwasser
  5. Homer2 Gene Deletion in Mice Produces a Phenotype Similar to Chronic Cocaine Treated Rats. Peter W.Kalivas,Karen K.Szumlinski and Paul Worley
  6. Cannabinoids and Gene Expression During Brain Development. Javier Fernández-Ruiz,María Gómez,Mariluz Hernández,Rosario de Miguel and José A.Ramos
  7. Role of GABA B Receptor in Alcohol Dependence:Reducing Effect of Baclofen on Alcohol Intake and Alcohol Motivational Properties in Rats and Amelioration of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome and Alcohol Craving in Human Alcoholics. Giancarlo Colombo, Giovanni Addolorato, Roberta Agabio, Mauro A.M. Cara, Fabio Pibiri,Salvatore Serra,Giovanni Vacca and Gian Luigi Gessa

Gene-Environment Interplay in Neurogenesis and Neurodegeneration

  1. Gene-Environment Interplay in Neurogenesis and Neurodegeneration. Tomás Palomo,Trevor Archer,Richard J.Beninger and Richard M.Kostrzewa
  2. Neurobehavioural Deficits Associated with Apoptotic Neurodegeneration and Vulnerability for ADHD. Anders Fredriksson and Trevor Archer
  3. Dopamine D 2 Agonist Priming in Intact and Dopamine-Lesioned Rats. Richard M.Kostrzewa,John P.Kostrzewa,Przemyslaw Nowak,Rose Anna Kostrzewa and Ryszard Brus
  4. Enhaced Induction of the Immunoproteasome by Interferon Gamma in Neurons Expressing Mutant Huntingtin. Miguel Díaz-Hernández,Ester Martín-Aparicio,Jesús Avila,Félix Hernández and José J.Lucas
  5. Stress Kinases Involved in Tau Phosphorylation in Alzheimer's Disease, Tauopathies and APP Transgenic Mice. I.Ferrer
  6. Tau in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Tau Phosphorylation and Assembly. J.Avila, M.Pérez,F.Lim,A.Gómez-Ramos,F.Hernández and J.J.Lucas
  7. Brain Plasticity and Antidepressant Treatments:New Cells, New Connections. Ian C.Reid and Caroline A.Stewart
  8. Genetic and Environmental Factors Interact T Influence Anxiety. Cornelius Gross and René Hen

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