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A Practice Primer

English Version

May 2019


Vol.9 Sistema Dopaminérgico y Trastornos Psiquiátricos

Vol.10 Staging Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Implications for Etiopathogenesis and Treatment

June 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4614-7263-6

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XIII Intensive Theoretical-Practical Course of update in Electroconvulsive Therapy

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June, 20th-21th 2014

"Relevance of Staging Psychotic disorders as a Paradigm-shift for understanding disease progression and stage-dependent treatment"

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Vol.4 Interactive Monoaminergic Disorders

Vol.4 Interactive Monoaminergic Disorders

January 1999

Editors: Tomás Palomo, Richard J. Beninger, Trevor Archer

Publisher: Editorial Síntesis, Vallehermoso, 34, 28015 MADRID

ISBN: 84-7738-623-4

Pages: 797

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Also found within the publications are contributions presented at the meeting held in Mojácar in 1997.

Table of contents
  1. Interactive monoaminergic basis of anxiety and depression. T. Palomo, R.J. Beninger and T. Archer.
  2. Serotonin and anxiety: anxioselective effects of 5-HT1A receptor antagonists. R.J. Rodgers and B.J. Cao.
  3. Neurochemistry and drug treatments of depression and their implications. G. Curzon.
  4. Serotonin in the pathophysiology of depression and the action of antidepressant drugs. P.J. Cowen.
  5. Could some depressions be conditioned by derailment of serotonin/cortisol interaction. H.M. van Praag.
  6. New agonists and antagonists of 5-HT1A receptor as potential tools in neuropsychiatric disorders. J. Manzanares, M.E. Beneytez and J.A. Fuentes.
  7. Survival analysis and psychobiology of suicide risk. P. Nordström and M. Asberg.
  8. Neuroimmune interactions and brain disorders. R. Dantzer.
  9. Immunologic factors in major depression and in treatment resistant depression. A. Sluzewska.
  10. Serotonin autoreceptor antagonists and antidepressant response. V. Pérez, I. Hervás, E. Álvarez and F. Artigas.
  11. Interactive monoaminergic basis of drug dependence. R.J. Beninger, T. Palomo and T. Archer.
  12. Tobacco smoking and nicotine addiction: Basic research, health and policy implications. J.E. Henningfield and R.V. Fant.
  13. Neurochemical and behavioural studies on ethanol and nicotine interactions. J.A. Engel, O. Blomqvist, M. Ericson and B. Söderpalm.
  14. Tolerance to the subjective effects of CNS stimulants. M.W. Oglesby.
  15. The involvement of NMDA receptors in actions in drugs of abuse. R.L. Balster.
  16. Clinical evidence of naltrexone efficacy in the treatment of alcohol dependence. M.A. Jiménez-Arriero, G. Ponce, Á. Huidobro, G. Rubio, T. Archer and T. Palomo.
  17. Effects of subchronic treatment with dopaminergic agonists and antagonists on the acute sensitivity to cannabinoid exposure: Behavioural, neurochemical and hormonal studies. M. Navarro, J.L. Martín-Calderón, I. del Arco, M.A. Villanúa, L. Sánchez, R.M. Muñoz, F. Orengo, E. Capdevila, J. Chowen and F. Rodríguez.
  18. The role of ambient temperature and core temperature in amphetamine-induced neurotoxicity. J.E. Malberg and L.S. Seiden.
  19. Interactive monoaminergic basis of schizopsychotic disorders. T.Palomo, R.J.Beninger and T.Archer.
  20. Multiple transmitters modulate prepulse inhibition of startle: Relevance to schizophrenia. M.A. Geyer and N.R. Swerdlow.
  21. Neuropharmacological profiles of novel antipsychotic agents. N.A. Moore and F.P. Bymaster.
  22. Pharmacological and neurochemical studies with the new antipsychotic ziprasidone. S.H. Zorn, L.A. Lebel, A.W. Schmidt, Yi Lu, J.P. Braselton, L.S. Reynolds, J.S. Sprouse and H. Rollema.
  23. Phencyclidine and prefrontal cortex function. B. Moghaddam.
  24. Brain dopaminergic dysfunction in psychotic behaviour: Stabilization by 5-HT2A and alpha1 receptor antagonistic drugs. T.H. Svensson, J.M. Mathé, G.G. Nomikos, M.M. Marcus, K.H. Blakeman and M.L. Wadenberg.
  25. Neuroimagin profiles of D2/5-HT2 receptors. A.L. Nordström.
  26. Clinical models of schizophrenia: A critical approach to competing conceptions. V. Peralta and M. Cuesta.
  27. A role for sensitization in psychostimulant-induced paranoia and psychosis. P.W. Kalivas, R.C. Pierce and B.A. Sorg.
  28. Nitric oxide synthase, phencyclidine-induced behaviours and schizophrenia: Is the answer NO?. C. Johansson, L. Swensson, O. Magnusson, A.M. Deveney, D. Reif and D.M. Jackson.
  29. Using drug discrimination in rats to investigate the pharmacology of dopamine D3 receptors. D.J. Sanger, G. Perrault, R. Depoortere and C. Cohen.
  30. Dopamine-second messenger interactions in reward-related learning. R.J.Beninger.
  31. Memory processing and its shifting maps: Interactions between monoamines and events dependent on glutamatergic transmission. I. Izquierdo, J.H. Medina, P.G. Ardenghi, D.M. Barros, L. Bevilaqua, L.A. Izquierdo, T. Mello e Souza, J. Quevedo and N. Schröder.
  32. Interactive monoaminergic systems in movement disorders. T.Palomo, R.J.Beninger and T.Archer.
  33. Monoamine interactions in animal models of epilepsy. U. Ebert and W. Löscher.
  34. Effects of acute/chronic, subthreshold/threshold doses of L-DOPA in MPTP-treated mice (I): Effects of glutamate antagonists. T. Archer and A. Fredriksson.
  35. Effects of acute/chronic, subthreshold/threshold doses of L-DOPA in MPTP-treated mice (II): Effects of MAO/COMT inhibitors. A. Fredriksson and T.Archer.
  36. Undrugged, environment-related self-injurious behaviour. M. Casas, G. Prat, J.C. Pérez de los Cobos and F. Jané.
  37. Chronic treatment with haloperidol enhances the susceptibility to apomorphine-induced self-injurious behaviour. G. Prat, M. Casas, J.C. Pérez de los Cobos and F. Jané.
  38. Functional and therapeutic implications of the dopamine D1/D3 receptor interplay. P. Sokoloff, R. Bordet, N. Griffon, S. Perachon, C. Pilon, J. Diaz, S. Ridray and J.C. Schwartz.
  39. Striatal dopaminergic-glutamatergic system interactions: Contributions to Parkinson's disease symptoms and L-DOPA response alterations. T.N. Chase and J.D. Oh.
  40. Monoamine-glutamate interactions in motor activity and learning. W.J. Schmidt and T.M. Tzschentke.

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