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Vol.9 Sistema Dopaminérgico y Trastornos Psiquiátricos

Vol.10 Staging Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Implications for Etiopathogenesis and Treatment

June 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4614-7263-6

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XIII Curso Intensivo de Terapia Electroconvulsiva (2019)

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Fecha 20-21 Junio 2014

Relevance of Staging Psychotic disorders as a Paradigm-shift for understanding disease progression and stage-dependent treatment.

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Vol.3 Dopamine Disease States

Vol.3 Dopamine Disease States

August 1996

Editores: Tomás Palomo, Richard J. Beninger, Trevor Archer

Editorial: Editorial CYM, General Oráa, 47, 28006 MADRID

ISBN: 84-921848-0-9

Páginas: 668

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Also found within the publications are contributions presented at the meeting held in Mojácar in 1995. (A Spanish version of this book is also available).

Tabla de contenidos
  1. Dopamine disease states: From Parkinson's disease to schizophrenia.T. Palomo, T. Archer and R.J. Beninger
  2. Epidemiology of Parkinson's disease .A. Portera-Sánchez
  3. Spanish experience with implantation of fetal mesencephalon inParkinson's disease: Clinical results in 10 grade IV-V patients .J.López-Lozano, G. Bravo, B. Brera, I. Millán, J.Dargallo, J.Salmeán, J. Uría, J. Insausti and CPHNeural Transplantation Group
  4. The effects of the D2 agonist cabergoline on MPTP-inducedparkinsonism in monkeys .R.A. McArthur, M..Brughera, M.A. Cervini,A.W. Kozak and R. Fariello
  5. MPTP-induced deficits in learning and motor activlty: Possibleneuroprotective effects in parkinsonism .A. Fredriksson, M. Bassenand T. Archer
  6. Dopaminergic-glutamatergic balance in the forebrain: functionalstudies of movement disorders in rats and mice .T. Archer, M.Bassen, D. Peters, J. Luthman and A. Fredriksson
  7. Antipsychotic or potential antipsychotic compounds alter MK-801effects upon motor activity and maze learning in male rats:Comparison with 5-HT antagonists .T. Klint, M. Bassen, H.Valastos, L. Dahlgren and T. Archer
  8. Effects of dopamine agonists upon locomotor function in denervatedmice and rats: Comparison with cabergoline .A. Fredriksson, M.Bassen, C. Caccia, M.A. Cervini, C. Post, T. Archer and R. McArthur
  9. Neurotoxicity of methamphetamine andmethylenedioxymethamphetamine-related compounds .R. Lew, K.E.Sabol, J. Malberg, J.B. Richards and L.S. Seiden
  10. Multiple dopamine receptors: Their significance for disease states.P. Sokoloff and J. -C. Schwartz
  11. Role of dopamine-serotonin interrelationships in psychotropic drugeffects .C. Broekkamp and H. Berendsen
  12. Differential regulation by kappa opioids of nigrostriatal,mesolimbic, tuberoinfundibular and periventricular-hypophysialdopaminergic neurons .J. Manzanares, K.J. Lookingland and K.E.Moore
  13. The neuropharmacological profile of new and awaited antipsychoticagents .S.O. Ögren
  14. Preclinical tests that further distinguish the pharmacologicalproperties of a clozapine-like atypical antipsychotic
  15. Clozapine: New biochemical and behavioural studies on its mechanismof action .D.M. Jackson, C.N. Ryan, C. Johansson, N. Mohell and A.Malmberg
  16. Functional and neurochemical responses to interventions in thedeveloping dopamine system .J. Luthman, A.-C. Radesäter, M.Bassen and T. Archer
  17. Dopaminergic neurons as neurochemical substrates of neurobehavioraleffects of marihuana: Developmental and adult studies .J.J.Fernández-Ruiz, J. Romero, L. García, E.García-Palomero and J.A. Ramos
  18. Synaptic mechanisms in hippocampus, amygdala and entorhinal cortexinvolved in memory formation, storage and expression .I. Izquierdoand M. Chaves
  19. Dopamine D1-like receptors and molecular mechanisms of incentivelearning .R.J. Beninger and P.L. Nakonechny
  20. Dopamine receptor subtype profiles in cocaine reward .G.F. Koob,L.H. Parsons, S.B. Caine, F. Weiss, P. Sokoloff and J. -C. Schwartz
  21. Dopamine susceptibility and information processing .B.A.Ellenbroek and A.R. Cools
  22. Animal models of psychosis reveal involvement ofhippocampal-corticostriatal-mesencephalic circuitry .P. W. Kalivasand B.A. Sorg
  23. Preclinical and clinical evidence for involvement of the excitatoryamino-acids in schizophrenia .B. Deakin, J.S.E. Hellewell andM.D.C. Simpson
  24. Basic and clinical studies implicate NMDA receptors in theassociative functions of the prefrontal cortex: Interactions withdopamine and relevance to schizophrenia .B. Moghaddam, D.S.Charney and J.H. Krystal
  25. Imaging functional change and dopaminergic activity in depression .K.Ebmeier and D. Ebert
  26. Neural Substrates of frontal function in schizophrenia .N.Andreasen, D. O'Leary, S. Arndt, T. Cizadlo, P. Nopoulos and M. Flaum
  27. Schizophrenia - a neurodevelopmental or neurodegenerative disorder?.N. Davies and R.M. Murray
  28. The failure of the dopamine hypothesis and its consequences for thefuture direction of psychosis research .T.J. Crow
  29. Neurotoxicity and functional concomitants in neurodegenerative braindisorders .T. Palomo, R.J. Beninger and T. Archer

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